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Clinical Fellowship

Clinical Fellowship
There is a significant need for well and broadly trained general surgeons to practice in rural areas of this country. In many rural areas, the general surgeon is the only surgeon available on a full time basis. While our current residency system in surgery graduates some of the finest surgeons in the world, the explosion in technology in general surgery along with the work-hours regulation has limited the exposure of these graduates to the subspecialties of surgery. Yet, in rural areas, a broadly trained general surgeon can make a real difference. In many cases, even some preliminary skills can save patients the financial and physical hardships of a long trip to a major center.

The Bassett Healthcare Fellowship in Rural Surgery is designed to supplement the general surgery residency in areas of Urology, Otolaryngology, Orthopedics, Hand Surgery, Gynecology (including cesarean sections) and GI endoscopy. A three to six month experience in these surgical specialties can meet the needs of a graduate headed for a rural practice or the urban surgeon looking for tranquility of a rural lifestyle. The experience can be individualized depending upon the area and resources of their future practice site.

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